Frequently asked questions

😡 Can't I just find these deals myself?

Yes you can. But it takes time, dedication, experience and hard work.

😖 Why has the ticket price gone up?

This happens from time to time. Ticket deals are so-called 'buckets' of prices. They're available in a certain period, distributed over several flights. When the cheap tickets are gone, they're gone. On the other side: if the promotion period ends and the tickets aren't sold, there's a good chance the ticket deals stays available.

🤬 I found a much cheaper flight from XYZ to ABC!

Noice! Please share it with us since we're unable to always show every ticket deal available at any time.

😤 Your site shows a different price from the one I find on the site where I am redirected to!

It's very hard to keep track of exact prices all the time. We do manually checks on prices every few days. We delete deals once they're gone or prices differ more than 10% of the original found price.