Yelmairโ€™s bucket list of weird and cheap destinations

May 24, 2023

How much money can I save with Yelmair?

Airline ticket prices can be quite unpredictable. Airlines are skilled at understanding consumer behavior and adjust ticket prices based on what individual travelers are willing to pay. As a result, passengers on the same flight often end up paying different amounts for their tickets. This reality means that there are both cheap and expensive tickets available for the same destination.

Finding those affordable tickets and knowing when and how to book them can be a challenge. While seasonal factors can influence airfare prices (such as holidays being more expensive to travel in), there is always a "cheapest flight" available. Tickets are typically available for purchase around eleven months in advance, and their prices fluctuate leading up to the flight. Initially, prices might be high to cater to those who prefer to book well in advance and are willing to pay a premium. Similarly, in the few days before departure, prices might increase for last-minute travelers who are willing to pay more for the convenience. However, prices tend to be lower during the interim period.

Having flexibility in your travel schedule can lead to significant savings. Travelers with more options in terms of travel dates, duration, and destinations have a higher chance of finding cheap airfare. On the other hand, if you have fixed dates and destinations in mind, you will have to wait for prices to drop specifically for that route and time, which is not always guaranteed.

Being open to different travel periods, durations, and destinations is the key to securing the best deals. You can keep an eye out for very low prices to various destinations and book them when they appear.

By embracing this flexible approach, you have the potential to save over 50% on ticket prices. This translates to saving several hundred dollars or euros on international airfare, and even more when booking for multiple people.

This is where Yelmair comes in. Our platform is designed to find and post flight deals that are at least 50% below the average price for a given route and travel period. Yelmair caters to the flexible traveler who is not restricted to specific travel dates. We focus on showcasing travel months rather than specific dates since those have a much lower chance of offering cheap airfare.

When you sign up for Yelmair, you gain access to all the posted deals and can set alerts for as many routes as you like. We prioritize finding deals for routes that users have shown interest in through their alerts.

In conclusion, significant savings on flights are within reach, potentially amounting to hundreds of euros. Just let Yelmair find these deals for you, and you'll be on your way to affordable and exciting travel experiences.

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