Yelmair’s bucket list of weird and cheap destinations

July 6, 2023

How Yelmair works

Yelmair is a simple website. It posts ticket deals, which are curated links to sites where you can book tickets for at most 50% of average airfare.

The site is aimed at two types of travelers:

For flexible travelers

These travelers want to be inspired by low prices to different places in different periods of time. These types of travelers book their tickets based on price, instead of wanting to travel to specific places in specific periods. They can benefit from the array of ticket deals posted by Yelmair, and may be inspired to places they would not have thought of themselves, but are interesting because of the very low price.

For travelers wanting to save money

Yelmair tracks ticket prices on specific routes and posts these tickets once they’re very low. Users can set alerts for specific routes (as many as they want) and receive emails once a new deal is posted. They can be certain it’s a good price because we only post tickets being 50% or lower than the average price for a route.

It's important to note that Yelmair doesn't sell these tickets directly. Instead, we provide curated links to example travel dates for specific routes. This allows you to explore more date options and choose your preferred vendor, be it the airline or an online travel agency.

By subscribing to Yelmair, you gain access to a range of exclusive benefits. You'll always have unrestricted access to view all the incredible flight deals on our platform. Moreover, you can set alerts for as many routes as you desire, ensuring you never miss out on fantastic offers.

As a Yelmair subscriber, you'll also have access to a wealth of valuable data, including average prices for routes, the most cost-effective airlines, and the best travel dates. Armed with this information, you can make even better travel decisions and secure even lower prices.

So, if you're eager to save big on airfare and embark on remarkable journeys without breaking your budget, Yelmair is your go-to platform.

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