Yelmair’s bucket list of weird and cheap destinations

August 3, 2023

What is Yelmair?

Yelmair is a ticket deal blog with only cheap flights. It's created out of interest for the wonderful world of air travel and annoyance over not having a good overview of ticket deals. The name Yelmair is derived from Jelmer, who is the person behind the website.

There are many ticket deal websites and finding tickets online is very easy. However, there was a place missing that gave a nice and fast overview of current and past ticket deals that gave the best information to travelers on prices. That’s why Yelmair was created.

The ticket deals posted are curated by humans, so the picture above is in fact a real picture of Jelmer searching the web for ticket deals.

In short, Yelmair is trying to be the best ticket deal website, helping travelers to find the lowest prices and cheapest destinations to make great travel memories.

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